objectius per viure

Illustration © Sergi Balfegó

These are difficult times, and for us probably worse than for others. Our living standard goes down. A cultural association where some of my mates from the Outpatient Clinic went has been closed. And now they’ll make us pay for drugs and will rise the taxes we pay for the goods we consume. Unemployment is soaring. The picture is really ugly.

But despite that, within the bounds that enclose us, we have to pursue our life project.

That was said a few days ago by the psychologist from the therapy group. We need a project. Guys who come to the outpatient clinic sometimes go there as if it was eternal. As if they could find a refuge in the middle of this silly world and stay there forever. It is necessary to take a few more steps and, firstly, get by on our own outside the center, and secondly, if we can, build a life project that fulfills ourselves.

A lot of people, and I’m not referring only to mentally ill, are living daily without looking further than next week or month. And with the actual crisis, in many cases they can’t do more than that.

But I find people that although being able to live in a manner that fullfills them, get blocked and doesn’t progress. And having a project for our lives is something vital. We have to make plans. And one of the main problems of people with schizophrenia is apathy. The things that used to like us now are not important for us. But no matter how little is the interest that something brings back to us, we have to hang onto it.

And we have to build a project about “what do we want to do for a living when we grow up?” What do we want to spend our time on? It has to be something that moves us, that likes us. Maybe now we have to work into something that doesn’t fulfill us, or maybe we cannot find any kind of job, but we cannot give up long-term personal fulfillment.

Fèlix Rozey