Delegació Gramenet

The Associative Movement of Mental Health in first person in Catalunya, is being strengthened with the deployment in the territory of our partnership, on the model of the local deputations. In one year, we have opened 4 branches, operating in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Granollers, Berguedà and Central Catalonia. Furthermore, it is in the process the constitution of Vallès Occidental delegation (Cerdanyola-Barbera-Sabadell).

Local Deputations are a way to bring the ActivaMent Model beyond the city of Barcelona, over different points of our country. It’s a model based on the horizontal operating and self-managed by the own people diagnosed with a mental disorder, and whose main activities are Assemblies, Mutual Aid Groups and Social Contact Workshops. Ensuring 1st person participation in the organization, it means, decision-making and management of the institution made by people that have experienced a mental health problem.

ActivaMent Gramenet

Offers: Mutual Aid Groups, Yoga Workshop, Painting Workshop, Meeting Point and Apropa Cultura.

Place: Centro Cívico Fondo.

Phone number: 620361141 (Maribel) and 682208871 (Laura).


ActivaMent Berguedà

Offers: Mutual Aid Groups, Social Theatre Workshop, Trekking Club and Apropa Cultura.

Place: Hotel d’Entitats de Berga.

Phone Number: 664109418 (Gemma).


ActivaMent Granollers

Offers: Mutual Aid Groups, Social Theatre Workshop, Photography and Fanzine.

Place: El GRA

Phone Number: 617887550 (Marta).


ActivaMent Catalunya Central

Offers: Apropa Cultura, Community Awareness, Mutual Aid Groups, Club de Lectura.

Place: Looking for a place.

Phone Number: 609960150 (Josep).


Mayte Fandos (DiBa)

Local Deputations of ActivaMent count on the help of Diputació de Barcelona and Obra Social la Caixa, for the Social Base Training Programme and the Support for the Local Delegations Programme.

If you live in any of these places, now you can also join with ActivaMent. We wait for you!