Between May 25 and June 17 it was the exhibition: A Flor de Paper: Lights and shadows, in Can Castells Centre d’Art, of Sant Boi de Llobregat, Spain. The CACC remembers this experience, with the following report:


A Flor de Paper: Lights and shadows” was a collective exhibition with the participation of 21 artists from our association and which has served to disseminate the works of the “Self-Portrait of Emotions” (a Photography Workshop), and collaborations of FanAct (ActivaMent’s Fanzine ), the illustrators and photographers of the ActivaMent Blog, plus a performance by our emotional drama teacher.

20 photographs, 20 pictorial works, 2 audiovisuals and 1 interactive sculpture were on show, to “be in” the experiences of people who have been oppressed for carrying out a psychiatric diagnosis. The idea of the exhibition was to express how we feel in front of the violation of our rights, as well as when we empower ourselves in our society, where sometimes opening our worlds and feelings to others it feels like words written in a wrinkled paper and that is pulled.

An experience that has served to bring together 21 artists, and to present the new Art and Culture Area of ActivaMent, from which we hope to organize many artistic and cultural events.