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Tòxics i Salut Mental

I think there is a certain prevailing idea that cannabis and other toxins are not of great importance to our health. Alcohol is consumed on a regular basis by millions of people. And despite all the publicity campaigns, people smoke tobacco with joy.

2016-03-16T08:42:11+01:0016 de March de 2016|ActivaMent's Blog|0 Comments

La Depressió és culpa teva

Anyone who has experienced an episode of depression and even more, the major depression, knows that it often entails the loss of friends, family, affection, work, etc. In a social context where everything must be cool and good vibe, we are considered "Toxic People".

2016-03-09T11:00:20+01:009 de March de 2016|ActivaMent's Blog|0 Comments

Una ànima de 20 anys

In the early days when I visited the psychiatrist and the psychologist, I often met a boy in the waiting room of that center. He was called J. and was 20 years old. I was 3 or 4 years older than him. He was dark with straight, medium length hair and tall like me. It was simple. He was distressed when they talked to him for a long time.

2016-02-23T08:38:44+01:0023 de February de 2016|ActivaMent's Blog|0 Comments

Un gran descobriment interior

I would like to explain why I think psychiatrists haven’t done a good job with me. Why I consider they have arised more problems than those I already had, and turned my life more complicated than it used to be. And furthermore, why I have reasons to think they haven’t used the diagnostic criteria for DSM-IV properly.

2016-02-01T07:30:26+01:001 de February de 2016|ActivaMent's Blog|0 Comments

Xerrada contra l’Estigma, a Torribera

Mañana martes 26 de enero, los y los compañeras de activamente Delegación Gramenet y Barcelona ofrecerán una formación sobre el Estigma, dirigida a personas ingresadas en el hospital psiquiátrico de Torribera, en Santa Coloma de Gramenet, y para sus familiares.

2016-01-25T11:23:25+01:0025 de January de 2016|Gramenet|0 Comments
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