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Would you like to be part in our fight against discrimination, for the improvement of mental health and the equality of treatment for people who experience mental distress? Now you can work together in keeping or developing our projects by making a donation.
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Are you living with a mental health problem or have you been through the experience? Would you like to fight for your rights, as well as social stigma and for our group?

Take part in the project, make your voice heard and be actively involved in enhancing our quality of life. Now you can become an ActivaMent member, join our association, be an active member, take control of your life and help mental health world to be a better place for all the people in our group
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Even if you have not experienced a mental distress you can campaign for a better deal for people with mental health problems within society, with no discriminations. You can take also action at ActivaMent.

Just there is no need of being a woman to struggle against machismo, there is also no need of being black to confront racism. Become a friend, bring both your ideas and support, help us to improve mental health situation for all within society. Participate as a member, show solidarity in an active way.
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