ActivaMent Catalunya Associació: Who are We?

ActivaMent Catalunya Associació has been created by a group of people who have experienced or are going through mental disorder, with the aim of being an active agent in the field of mental health in Catalonia.

It is the purpose of our association to represent the interests of our members with mental health problems and improve their well-being, so that our society become a more inclusive and right environment where to live in.

Which are the Aims of ActivaMent?

From our association, we stand up for:

* Giving Voice to our collective in local administration and institutions.

* Defending our rights and duties.

* Participating actively in the actions of other services and mental health institutions in Catalonia.

* Fighting social stigma and self-stigma among individuals with mental disorder.

* Encouraging empowerment in individuals belonging to our group.

* Providing mutual support to our members.

From our little space, we extend a hand to those who, belonging or not to our association, wish for a better world and share our hope for a fairer and more inclusive society.

Which characteristics define ActivaMent?

Beyond our aims, there are some characteristics that make ActivaMent a unique association in the field of mental health in Catalonia.

* Acting from First-hand Experience

* Working as a Non-Hierarchical Organization

* We are Open to a Diversity of Voices

* We Work for the Empowerment in Individuals with Mental Disorder

* We Work as a Direct Democracy System

* Working with a Gender Perspective

* We Sympathise with other Groups Discriminated against


Want to know more about how we are?

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Organization Accredited by the Government of Catalonia. – CIF: G65671828.