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Project Reports shows every year the various activities, projects and management areas in ActivaMent Catalunya Associació. This document sets out the objectives whereby each activity has been developed, by doing an assessment of not only the achievements but also these tasks to be completed. At the same time, it also introduces unfinished projects as well as a list of objectives and future tasks to be fulfilled from now on.

2018 Project Report

The 2018 Project Report is a summary of the work and efforts made over the past year in all areas: activities, management, collaborations, etc. We are pleased to present and share it with you:

Would you like to download and/or print the report?

To do so, click now on:  Memoria de Proyectos 2018 (catalan version)

Would you like to download and/or print older reports?

Memoria de Proyectos 2017(Spanish Version)

2016 Project Report  (Spanish Version)

2015 Project Report (Spanish Version)

2014 Project Report (Spanish Version)

2013 Project Report (Spanish Version)

2012 Project Report (Spanish Version)

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Statutes of ActivaMent

Document that presents the internal rules that govern our association at a legal level. The Statutes regulate the rights and obligations of the social base, the Board of Directors and their respective positions, the Territorial Deputations, the personnel hired and the volunteers, the economy and finances of the entity, etc.

For the updating of the Statutes, approved in October 2017, a participative consultative process was carried out among all the members of the association, which counted on the legal advice of Torre Jussana.

Here you can download the document: ActivaMent’s Statutes

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