At ActivaMent we work to improve the quality of life of the people of our community and make our society fairer and inclusive.


To be a reference in the first-person mental health activism of Catalonia, promoting the empowerment, the exercise of active citizenship, the defense of our rights and the abandonment of the sick role among those who have been diagnosed with a mental disorder.


Self-management: We act for our own. We who have experienced psychological suffering or mental diversity are in charge of the organization, direction and decision making of ActivaMent.

Equality: We are a horizontal, non-hierarchical and inclusive organization, we work in assemblies in which the voice of all members has the same importance.

Justice: We are committed to making our society fairer and supportive, we defend the rights of people with a diagnosis of mental disorder and we promote the recognition of our abilities.

Solidarity: We work from collaboration and non-competition, supporting each other, learning from the shared experience and networking with other discriminated groups.

Diversity: We understand the value of differences, enriching ourselves with the abilities of every people who make ActivaMent, not imposing a single voice, promoting the plurality of positions and opinions.

Transparency: Making available to those who want to access all the information about our legal organization, sources of financing, work-team and volunteers, projects, etc.

Gender Perspective: We work to combat the double discrimination experienced by women in our community: by gender and mental health.

Antifacism: We combat hate speech that affects the various discriminated groups. We defend the rights of all psychiatrized people and not only those of white, European and heteronormative people.